Business Banking

First National Bank of Waverly offers a variety of business accounts.

Business Checking

Business checking accounts require as little as $100.00 deposit at the time the account is opened. We send out a monthly statement on these accounts and if your balance stays over $500.00 you will not receive the $6.00 monthly service charge. There is a $35.00 overdraft fee and if a check you deposited is returned unpaid for any reason a $30.00 fee per item will be charged to your account. Any account that has no activity for 12 consecutive months will be considered dormant and a $5.00 fee will be added each month until the account is re-activated.

Interest bearing checking accounts are also available to sole proprietors and non-profit organizations. These accounts require a minimum daily balance of $1000.00 to earn interest.

First National has chosen Main Street as our check printer. They offer a wide variety of business supplies, such as computer checks, top stub, 3-on-a-page, your basic paper check, as well as personalized single, duplicate and triplicate deposit slips and stamps.